This is Hamza Nkhoma sponsored by Chane Foundation who scored 25 points in last year’s MSCE examinations posing for a photo with Nema Banda ┬áDirector of Chane Foundation

Chane Foundation MSCE STUDY CIRCLE one of the activities taking place at Chane Early Childhood Development and Education Foundation , Nema Kalumba email Banda in green blouse is in attendance participating and supervising. The aim is to inspire and encourage the youth to be interested in school especially girls. In another picture you see a girl facilitating a Mathematics discussion

Chane is committed to assist the youth that dropped from school for various reasons. The foundation uses guidance and counselling and giving financial assistance where to those that can not afford. The major source of funds used to sponsor the needy youths is the fees which able parents pay in the ECD Centre. Chane feels that a well constructed ECD centre would attract more able parents to send their kids to chane. This would help the foundation to sponsor even more youths.

Meanwhile chane is sponsoring two youths , a boy in form 3 and a girl in form 2. Chane foundation is therefore appealing to all well wishers to help in the construction of a good ECD Centre.